Is It Possible To Dye Hair With Strawberries?

Is It Possible To Dye Hair With Strawberries?

Dying your hair is a popular trend for ages that allow you to enhance the look of your hair incredibly. Most people like colored hair but don’t get colored due to the harsh chemicals used for coloring that can damage hair texture.

strawberriesHowever, using an organic alternative would be helpful surely to complete the desire of coloring hair and protecting hair health as well. We are looking if coloring hair with strawberries is possible or not.

How to dye hair with strawberries?

Using strawberries as a natural method to color your hair is possible; however, you would still call them dyes as less of manmade chemicals and prone to causing allergic chemicals are used. Making use of fruits and berries is an easier method for people to color their hair. For black hair, you can choose to add color with blueberries and blackberries to enhance the shine and color refraction.

You can create pseudo-auburn hues with cranberries, cherries, and raspberries, which is a convenient option for brown hair for adding richness. To use fruits as a coloring agent for your hair, you need to prepare a solution by mashing berries with water and avc and prepare the solution to damp hair. Once you have applied it thoroughly to your hair length and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

However, the results with fruits wouldn’t be permanent, but the longevity of them depends on your hair structure. These are some of the convenient methods to enhance your hair color naturally without damaging hair from harsh chemicals.  You can use different ways to dye hair with strawberries without damaging them and adding a new look to your hair. Coloring with natural methods using fruit such as strawberries, cranberries, and others can surely come in handy.

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